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VSAT Operator - VSAT Communications

As the broadband Internet market continues to expand, new opportunities arise in remote areas. The resulting demand for broadband intensive applications, and the high speed access to provide it, presents unprecedented business opportunities for those who can identify these segments and cost effectively deliver service.

Historically the challenge of meeting the communications needs of these niche markets has been the high cost of deploying a network, and the ongoing investment required to maintain it while the customer base is being built.

VSAT Systems can provide a solution that has been developed to be inherently flexible, specifically to meet the changing communications needs of developing markets. Our Virtual Network Operator (VNO) solution allows satellite service providers the benefit of operating their own VSAT network without the cost of buying the VSAT hub infrastructure. Each VNO rents network capacity from VSAT Systems. This capacity is physically isolated from the resources rented by other service providers, and is managed by VSAT Systems, including using private IP addresses. This allows a VNO to offer highly competitive broadband IP service anywhere, without a significant upfront investment.

It is clear the two fastest growing regions for broadband satellite services are the Middle East and Asia’s Far East. The demand for broadband intensive applications is driving the need for IP-based satellite service offerings and, for those who can identify the segments, navigate the regulatory control and deliver cost effectively, there are substantial commercial opportunities.

At Speedcast, we have a unique approach. Although we ourselves are a leading Asian satellite services provider, we strongly believe the best way to expand our network is to build new Points-of-presence through partnerships. In this way, we “wholesale” a satellite services operation to our partners.

As a turnkey project, we have implemented both new earth stations and virtual network operator ("VNO") systems.

  • Rapidly overcome network coverage limitations
  • New product offerings based on satellite broadband
  • Pay-as-you-grow capacity
  • Short set-up lead time
  • Complete control over your own remote sites
  • Manage your customers' QoS, bandwidth assignments and applications
  • Shared risk