Value-Added Services

Networking requirements do vary from customer to customer and industry to industry. The types of traffic to be optimised and the application customers deploy across the network occasionally present new technical challenges.

SpeedCast’s approach is to present a platform on which we offer tried-and-tested value-added services over our satellite network. We call this platform VIVA™ and, today, it is our service delivery platform for voice, Internet and video applications, specifically designed for use over VSAT.


  • SpeedTalk     postpaid Postpaid and prepaid voice service
  • SpeedCam     IP audio & video surveillance
  • SpeedZone    Long range wi-fi


  • SpeedStar      WAN optimisation (2-way)
  • SpeedGuard   Managed Firewall
  • SpeedPath     Link failover switch for back-up
  • SpeedPython  Web compression (1-way)
  • Web Filter       Internet content filter (1-way)


  • SMART        Customer NMS & location tracker
  • RAM            Remote Access Out-of-band management

We select applications that are bandwidth efficient and certify them for use over our fleet of satellites; we then become flexible enough to meet the specific needs of business, both small and large.

In a single bundled offering, SpeedCast manages bandwidth using optimisation, CIR and QoS such that customers can benefit from having several applications running over the same VSAT link without bandwidth congestion.


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