Satellite Broadband for Schools, Universities and Distance Learning



Cleaner, Faster Internet Access Through The Power of Satellite

This is the age of information; online information, to be precise. Teaching and learning have been profoundly influenced since the  development of the Internet and the national centres of learning, our schools, universities and libraries, have adapted to the world-wide-web.

SpeedCast, an Asian leader in satellite communications solutions, brings it all together in EduCast™, a one-stop shop for communications services for places of education. At its core, EduCast™ provides secure, enhanced Internet access to the premises where staff and students alike browse the web. There are 3 key service enhancements; 3 engines tuned the education industry’s needs:


Web Filter

Ensuring students surf in the manner intended, our self-learning engine is able to block sites which are considered inappropriate. With this feature, schools and parents need not worry about the sites that are being accessed by students.


Web Compress

The web filter alone improves download performance and, to improve it even further, we engage our web compression engine to maximise the performance of the satellite link. Better performance means higher productivity and the students download more educational material in the same period of time. 



Our 3rd engine enables all schools in our VSAT network to receive information such as news, speeches, advertisements and educational content at precisely the same time.


Solution Highlights:

  • Single standard for Internet access in all schools, urban or rural
  • Web filter blacklists inappropriate downloads
  • No phishing, spyware or other malicious sites
  • Increased performance through compression of web content
  • Concurrent broadcasting of news, educational contents, speech, etc.
  • Bridging the digital divide
  • Enabler for distance learning
  • Managed by International Standard Teleport as a turnkey project


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