Outsourced 2G, 3G and Wimax cell backhaul solutions.

It is common for cellular operators to have a portion of their network on satellite transmission. But dealing with satellites and equipment that are non-core can be a resource consuming task. Simplify things by outsourcing this rural transmission as a complete turnkey service. Be able to meet your network rollout KPIs by working with us.

Designed for the cellular operator coverage in remote areas, SpeedCast range of VSAT cellular transmission solutions are:-

  • Full E1 links point to point
  • Shared E1 between multiple sites
  • Satellite backup of microwave/fiber links
  • Peak hour traffic protection  - overflow on vsat
  • Heavy asymmetric data download - offload
  • Mobile BTS via portable vsat – temporary transmission for events
  • Offshore BTS – ships, oil and gas installations
  • MSC to MSC Ater links – intercity backup/overflow
  • MVNO solutions

Lower bandwidth means lower cost

For BTS-to-BSC transport, we save more than 50% on transponder space by using proven satellite network optimization techniques. The technology involved uses proxying, header compression and silence suppression to effectively reduce the amount of bandwidth used in the transport of voice traffic. Add on the latest optimizations available to satellite links and you have a very cost effective solution in place.

Bandwidth on demand improves peak-hour performance

For multiple base-station sites, it is possible to share the space segment. For peak periods, one base-station can borrow the bandwidth required from another one. This improves the network efficiency through higher traffic channel utilization

Reliability guaranteed

Employing SpeedCast's expertise in comprehensive communications technologies will enable you to optimise your network efficiency, reliability and security. Our 24 X 7 operations centre and customer support services underpin our quality promise.

CelCast: Fast & cost effective expansion

  • Full turnkey service.
  • zero capex option.
  • Save >50% on bandwidth costs.
  • Fast and easy deployment.
  • Terrain independent.
  • Flexibility for temporary coverage.
  • Break into new markets (e.g. offshore, marine).
  • Network availability 99.95%.
  • Guaranteed network quality.
  • 24 x 7 customer support.

To streamline your network  contact us today!


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