Maritime Broadband Service Provider


Designed for the Maritime and Offshore industries, SeaCast delivers real-time, broadband, always-on, fixed fee connectivity at sea with worldwide coverage. SeaCast provides a suite of services ranging from broadband Internet access to secure corporate VPN.

SeaCast service can be used on a variety of vessels such as yachts, commercial cargo ships, passenger ships, service support vessels as well as offshore oil and gas platforms.

SeaCast enables shipping and offshore companies to integrate their fleets and platforms into their corporate network, providing seamless connectivity.



The availability of broadband communication on board opens opportunities to roll-out new applications, generating significant benefits:

Maximizing crew welfare and retention

  • Internet access and voice services to keep in touch with their families
  • Entertainment service
  • Telemedicine and distance learning

Increasing productivity

  • Always-on 24x7 broadband communications supporting ALL IP based applications, including video streaming

Generating cost savings

  • Real-time ship management and routing information to minimize fuel consumption
  • Fixed budget expenditure
  • Small Ku-band antenna allowing CAPEX and OPEX savings

Improving security and safety on board

  • Video surveillance
  • Safety video training



  • Monthly fixed fee service that offers real-time, always-on, broadband connectivity with unlimited usage
  • A range of stabilized antennas ranging from: 100 cm for Ku-band,and 240cm for C-band.
  • Full Turnkey solution providing equipment, satellite bandwidth, teleport services, access to the Internet, installation and maintenance.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 network of certified installers and maintenance partners.
  • Ku band services work with 100cm maritime VSAT antennas and C band services works with 240cm maritime VSAT antenna, covering most of the key shipping trading lanes and offshore regions.
  • Both Ku and C-band maritime services offer various broadband speeds to suit all customers’ requirements.



By using a variety of switching technologies, SeaCast broadband services can be incorporated seamless to complement and enhance the incumbent narrowband satellite services (such as Inmarsat, Iridium, etc…). This means that customers’ ships will have coverage wherever they roam on the seas, by combining Ku-band and L-band services.

Furthermore, SeaCast delivers a seamless experience, thanks to its automatic re-pointing of the marine VSAT antenna and re-initializing of the satellite modem, when the ship moves from one satellite beam to another. This is called “seamless auto beam switching”



SeaCast supports applications and offers following Value Added Services (VAS):

Broadband connection

  • Up to 1Mbps shore-to-ship and 512 Kbps ship-to-shore, for emails, files and
  • other data transfers.

Voice Calls : SpeedTalk

  • Enjoy a competitive quality Voice of IP service supports
  • Fax and PABX calling (available in post-paid and pre-paid).

Video Transmission: SpeedCam

  • Improve your security with a video surveillance service over your VSAT link.

GSM Mobile Calls

  • Stay in touch with your family and friends by using your own GSM mobile phones at your own privacy.

Secure Corporate Network Access : SpeedStar

  • Benefit from additional security solutions including Internet VPN tunneling and secure MPLS access.

Remote access and diagnostics : RAM

  • Save time and expense with this new solution that permit our engineers to remotely access and diagnose your VSAT systems.

SpeedCast Monitoring And Reporting Tool : SMART

  • Track your fleet and monitor your network performance with SMART, our web based monitoring tool service.


For more information on SeaCast, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



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