Offering service on Inmarsat's Global Broadband I4 Satellite coverage, FleetBroadband is a competitive solution designed to provide global, high quality data & voice for business, operational and recreational applications for Maritime Industry. Whether required for a primary link or as a back-up link, FleetBroadband complements SpeedCast's total solution approach to maritime communications.


Three FleetBroadband terminals are available according to the data transfer speed and applications requirement. For airtime package, there are more than 10 price plans available including Single SIM or Dual SIM plan, Entry Allowance Plan, Mid Allowance Plan, GB Allowance Plan, SCAP (Shared Corporate Allowance Plan) plan and VLA (Very Large Allowance) plan.





All 3 models are able to serve either or both of the following functions:


a) Back-up link when the VSAT link is inaccessible

b) Back-door link for remote troubleshooting and out-of-band management



For subscription or further information, please contact SpeedCast at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it







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