Virtual Network Operator


Advancing the boundary of managed networks, we allow trained customers to bandwidth manage their own VSAT links without investing in an earth station. This is termed “virtual network operator” (VNO) and the customer is able to activate, allocate bandwidth and monitor their own circuits independently.

The key benefit for the VNO is the advanced control they have over the VSAT links they are providing. Beyond this benefit is the immediate availability of a world-class facility at zero capex:

VNO infrastructure is SpeedCast infrastructure…

  • Professional Teleport
    • RF 1:1 protection systems
    • Multiple Tier 1 ISP peerings
    • Power Supply – genset, lightning, grounding
  • Hub system chassis (iDirect Evolution Series)
    • Power, Fan – 1+1 Redundancy
    • Line Card (DVB-S2)
    • M:N Redundancy
  • Protocol Processor & NMS
    • Load Balancing 1:N Redundancy
    • NMS 1+1 Redundancy
  • Maintenance
    • Hub components maintained by manufacturers
    • Data Centre co-location

This represents an elevated way of working with SpeedCast and is an appealing paradigm for niche broadband service providers to enter the VSAT market. The VNO uses SpeedCast’s infrastructure by subscribing to a pool of bandwidth (Mbps) on a satellite of their choice. Operationally, the VNO has full configuration access to the broadband satellite hub through their remote NMS.



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