SpeedCast Internet Access Packages


Satellite Broadband


SIAP offers always-on and secure broadband access with opportunities to bundle with our Value-Added Services. With unlimited usage at a flat monthly fee, we are providing vital services to hard-to-reach places where high Internet availability is most needed.



SpeedCast offers off-the-shelf packages to facilitate rapid service deployment. Example:



For project requirements, bandwidth packages can be tailored to suit individual customers by defining specific link parameters:


  •  CIR – committed information rate for inbound and outbound
  •  MBR – maximum burst rate for inbound and outbound
  •  Traffic prioritization – to give preference to selected applications
  •  Contention ratio – bandwidth sharing (e.g. 1:4 means 4 links share the same bandwidth)



Feature Highlights:



  • Internet access up to 2Mbps
  • Fixed IP addressing
  • Email, browsing, security
  • Global coverage on C-band and Ku-band
  • Supports VPN, QoS, VoIP, video and other IP applications
  • Network acceleration/ WAN optimisation
  • Suitable for primary links or back-up


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