IP Backbone 

Internet Access Backhaul for ISP and Telco


With continuing advances in SCPC technology, the costs of Internet backbone services have dropped substantially. SCPC stands for Single Channel per Carrier which confers dedicated bandwidth for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint links using VSAT. A wide range of data rates are available: from 64kbps to 155Mbps.



Using this technology, we provide telcos, ISP’s and call centres with a comprehensive managed backbone for Internet traffic, voice circuits and VoIP transit at the quality expected by tier 1 service providers. Most commonly using C-band, Speedcast is able to use its multiple teleports for network resiliency – this combination allows for guaranteed network availability as high as 99.95%.






Feature Highlights


  • Full-channel platform provides end-to-end connectivity from a single supplier
  • High-capacity, dedicated circuits
  • Supports true multimedia capabilities - voice, video, data
  • Support duplex, symmetric and asymmetric connectivity
  • Lowest latency service for satcoms
  • Guaranteed SLA for quality and uptime
  • Remote access where high-speed terrestrial connectivity is not available















  • Extend your network internationally - Leverage our pan-Asian infrastructure to complete your communications network.
  • Highest quality circuit: robust and reliable network for a Tier 1 telco
  • Lower cost of interconnectivity and IP transit through Hong Kong
  • Backup circuits for redundancy or diversity


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