ISP Backbone


ISP Backbone


SCPC Backbone

SCPC stands for Single Channel per Carrier which confers dedicated bandwidth for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint links using VSAT. A wide range of data rates are available: from 64kbps to 155Mbps.

Using this technology, we provide telcos and ISPs with a comprehensive managed backbone for Internet traffic, voice circuits and VoIP transit at the quality expected by tier 1 service providers. Most commonly using C-band, Speedcast is able to use its multiple teleports for network resiliency – this combination allows for guaranteed network availability as high as 99.95%.


  • Full-channel platform provides end-to-end connectivity from a single supplier
  • High-capacity, dedicated circuits support critical applications
  • Support duplex symmetric and asymmetric connectivity
  • Guaranteed SLA for quality and uptime


  • Extend your network internationally - leverage our pan-Asian infrastructure to complete your communications network.
  • Highest quality circuit: robust and reliable network for a Tier 1 telco
  • Lower cost of interconnectivity and IP transit through multiple global teleports


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