Disaster Relief


Disaster Relief


FlyCast is deigned for emergency response service providers, NGO’s, peacekeeping forces and the military, enabling rapid and reliable satellite communication in times of emergencies


FlyCast is a defense and emergency response solutions that enables broadband mobility and communications applications. It fulfills the needs of emergency response service providers, non-governmental organizations (NGO's), peacekeeping forces and military command. FlyCast two-way links via satellite to the ground personnel and vice versa enables full communications mobility and easy accessibility for all field operatives. FlyCast solution meets military standards in terms of quality and communication equipments used. This can be seen in combat activities in Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan.

SpeedCast truly delivers Mbps for fast Internet access, secure video or data transmission and quality Voice over IP communications. With the combination of SpeedCast satellite and wireless technologies broadband "cells" can be created in the field.

Flycast Flycast


True broadband speeds – Mbps not kbps

IPowered by two-way links delivered on a single hop from the SpeedCast Network Operation Center (NOC) in Hong Kong to End users via designated satellites

Our satellite technology proves to be the most reliable available, reinforcing governmental initiatives such as rural development, national education, national healthcare, agriculture, national disaster response activities and more.

Extensive Coverage

Indochina, South Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Middle East.Click here for our service coverage.

Portable/transportable Equipment

Mobile antenna systems: Fly-Away VSAT antenna, vehicle mounted VSAT, suitcase VSAT

Suitable for Rugged TerrainFlycast Portable Equipment

FlyCast incorporates the integration of mobile antenna systems to improve portability thus ensuring easy relocation of personnel in the field and re-establishing communications within a matter of minutes.

Multiple Applications Running Over a Single Link

Typical applications include secure networks interconnection, analogue phone lines, video telephony, advanced cryptography and more

Turkey Solution, Customized to End User's Requirements

Two-way links from the satellites to the ground personnel can be configured as individual or as groups – bandwidth is then assigned, in sufficient quantity to ensure the satisfactory performance of each and every application.

Flycast Network

Guaranteed Network Quality

We at SpeedCast guarantee reliability through our 24 X 7 operations centre and customer support services and believe in optimizing your network efficiency and security.

FlyCast Network Overview

Two-way links from the satellite to the ground personnel can be configured as individual or as groups. Bandwidth is then assigned in sufficient quantity to the satisfactory of each application. Individual or groups are able to incorporate different types of mobile antennas such as suitcase VSAT antennas, vehicle mounted antennas and fly-away VSAT antennas. Typical applications include secure networks interconnection, analogue phone lines, video telephony, advanced cryptology and more. Quality of service is manageable for each application using built-in traffic prioritization.

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